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How is Slit Making Different in Bio-FUE?

Slit making is a process of creating space in the scalp where the grafts will be implanted. Routinely at other clinics, slits are made in the recipient area using needles after the extraction of grafts is over. The slits are variable in size and depth which leads to uneven level growth of hair.

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What is Bio-Fue?

It is biotechnology procedure that is an evolution of the FUE hair transplant technique. The FUE hair transplant technique is performed, after which regenerative cells from one's own blood are directly injected or infused into the recipient area (bald). These regenerative cells, which are separated from your blood contain growth factors that bring about better results. With the BIO FUE regenerative cells, natural and permanent results are attained.

Bio FUE hair transplant is the advanced and improved version of FUE hair transplant, which results more better and natural hair growth. The main aim of this latest technology treatment is to supercharge FUE results by combining certain cell-based hair growth factors in the surgical process. The treatment is followed by the same FUE hair transplant process with some modifications that help in making the transplanted area get healed rapidly and the growth of transacted hair better in strength and texture.

Yes, it is much better for hair regrowth. The treatment leaves no linear scar on the scalp where the grafts have been extracted. And, the best part of this treatment is that it rejuvenates dead hair follicles on a permanent basis and results in good and healthy hair growth.

The Benefits Of Having A BIO FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

It helps one achieve a good density of hair. BIO-FUE improves the growth rate of the hair & produces good coverage on the scalp. The regenerative cells repair the damaged hair cells, hence reviving the hair growth system. It speeds up the healing process of the entire scalp after surgery. Better results.

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The Procedure Of BIO FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

The advanced procedure can be explained in only four simple steps;

Step 1

A blood sample is extracted from the patient and poured into the PRP Kit. The PRP Kit is then placed in the centrifugation machine to separate the regenerative cells from the blood sample. Two layers are formed and the layer with the regenerative cells is removed

Step 2

When the surgeon has completed the hair extraction process, the hair follicles are dipped into the regenerative cell substance to increase their survival rate and resistance

Step 3

The regenerative cells are then directly injected into the recipient area to improve hair growth and speed up the healing process.

Step 4

The hair follicles are then transplanted into the affected region in the right direction and angle to produce natural results